The Future of Pain Care has Arrived...


Apex Physical Medicine has evolved over the years as the wants and needs for patients has changed.  Dr. Brandon Blood, DC started this practice back in 2007.  Initially his practice started as a 'wellness clinic'.  Around this time, Dr. Blood's wife, Aubrey, was suffering from chronic, debilitating, low back pain.  He made it his life's mission to figure out how to help his wife.  After trying all kinds of treatment including chiropractic care, physical therapy, diagnostic imaging, nerve studies, and epidural spinal injections, there was no relief.  The pain persisted.  In hopes of finding a solution, Aubrey went to see the surgeon only to hear 'there is nothing we can do.'

It was a this time, Dr. Blood learned of a procedure that involved both chiropractic care in conjunction with medical care that he was able to perform to help get Aubrey out of pain.  Ever since then, Dr. Blood and Aubrey wanted to have an integrated practice that made available the best of non-surgical medical care, 

chiropractic care, physical rehabilitation, soft tissue therapy, and nutrition therapy.

In April of 2018, their dreams became a reality.  Apex Physical Medicine was born.  A place that offers non-surgical treatment options and programs to help patients suffering from acute and chronic pain conditions.   

At Apex, we treat the entire patient.  Our programs are based on a thorough consultation, medical history, examination, and functional evaluation.  Although symptoms are the reason why patients land at our clinic, a treatment program based on 'function' is how we help people not only reduce pain, but restore quality of life and help prevent recurrence.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work with so many people in Canton, OH and surrounding communities who are suffering and are looking for options.