Dr. Matt Noyes, MD explains common shoulder issues

By Dr. Matt Noyes, MD

Canton, OH SHOULDER Specialist explains the Top 3 Conditions Driving Shoulder Pain and how they commonly present. 

There are many common issues with shoulders that can drive pain and limitation: 

- Rotator Cuff Tear
- Biceps Tendonitis
- Shoulder Impingement

Many patients with a rotator cuff problem may feel pain on the front of the shoulder, will have difficulty sleeping, may have difficulty raising their arm above the shoulder, pain may radiate down the outside of the arm, and will often feel clicking and popping.

If the pain is a result of biceps tendonitis, common symptoms will include pain in the front of the shoulder that will likely radiate into the biceps muscle which can cause a cramping sensation, pain with lifting and pulling objects, and reaching behind the back (reaching for a wallet or reaching for the bra strap).

When patients with shoulder pain have an issue raising their arm above their head and reaching behind the back (to grab a wallet or reach for the bra strap) we commonly consider shoulder impingement syndrome.

In most shoulder issues, there can be an element of all of these factors.

An appropriate physical exam is more important and can be more diagnostic than advanced diagnostic (imaging like MRI) in determining the main source(s) of the condition. 

When it comes to treating these common shoulder conditions, surgery is often not the first and best option. The plan of action for treating shoulder issues should always be conservative to start with.

Brandon Blood